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Hall History

William de Lincolne, who was one of the four Saddlers elected in 1362 to safeguard the ordinances of the Guild, bequeathed the sum of 10 marks in his will, which was proved in 1393, to the Saddlers of London on condition that they built a common hall for their use within three years of his bequest.

Although the exact date is not known, it is likely that the building was completed at the time of the Incorporation Charter of 1395. Certainly references to Saddlers' Hall appear from the early 1400s onwards.

The Hall stood on Westchepe - the western part of Cheapside - in an area known as "The Saddlery", between Cheapside and Gutter Lane. It stood until 1666 when it was totally destroyed in the Great Fire of London.

The Second Hall
The second Hall was built on the same site in 1670, with much financial pain, fire insurance being then unknown. It too was destroyed by fire, in 1821, due to an accident in a nearby let building.

The Third Hall
The third Hall rose from the ashes in 1822, thanks to the insurance cover provided by the Royal Exchange and Hand-in-Hand insurance companies. It survived until 29 December 1940, when it was one of a number of Halls destroyed as the result of large-scale air attacks on the City of London during the Nazi Blitz of the Second World War.

3rd Hall
Saddler's Hall, Cheapside c1830.
Engraved by W Watkins

Needless to say, each of these disasters caused long-term loss to the Company by the destruction of irreplaceable records and artefacts.

The Current Hall
At the end of the Second World War the Corporation of London carried out extensive replanning. As a result, the Saddlers' lost much of its original medieval freehold through compulsory purchase orders. With the loss of its former frontage on Cheapside, the new Hall had to be built on what remained of the Company's land. Nevertheless, the present Hall, built between 1956/58, still stands in part on the site of the first Saddlers' Hall, on a small portion of land between St Vedast's Church and Gutter Lane.



Saddlers' Hall Courtyard, surviving pediment from Third Hall
Saddlers' Hall Courtyard, surviving pediment from Third Hall


The Cheapside entrance to the Hall c1870
The Cheapside entrance to the Hall c1870; the Company's alternative motto is shown above the door